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Music Motivation: Reinventing the Wheel

There's never a need to go reinventing the wheel, but sometimes its interesting to try anyways. Hear the songs you already know reworked and reimagined into something new with this playlist of high-profile covers from UDA!

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Music Motivation: Demolition Day

Demolishing a building is serious business: every precaution needs to be taken to ensure the safety of all involved. However, it's also kind of awesome. Jam out on demo day with this heavy hard rock playlist from UDA Technologies!

Topics: Music Motivation

Music Motivation: Good Tunes to Get Going

This playlist from UDA is your go-to soundtrack for positivity and productivity. Get excited to be motivated!

Topics: Music Motivation

Music Motivation: Morning Coffee Music

There's nothing like the unique atmosphere of a coffee shop: the smell of coffee beans, the energetic-yet-relaxed music, and the 15 people in front of you in line who have absolutely no idea what they want. Skip the wait and enjoy the better aspects of a coffee shop from your home or office with this playlist of diverse, upbeat tracks from UDA!

Topics: Music Motivation

Music Motivation: Less Words, More Work

Need to get your schedule in order, but can't tune out that annoying barking dog or chatty co-worker? Trying to build an estimate on a tight deadline? Throw on this playlist of productivity-boosting tunes from UDA with no words to distract you.

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Music Motivation: Celebrate Success

At UDA, our goal is your success. Be ready for the moment after you close on that big lead or finally submit the last Application for Payment with this celebratory mix of classic pop tracks from UDA!

Topics: Music Motivation

Music Motivation: Hard Rock for Hard Work

Running around visiting construction job sites in August can be brutal, and sometimes the brief blast of your car's AC just won't cut it. For days when you're just going to sweat, UDA has the perfect playlist to help you power through. Check out the Spotify playlist below, and let us know what you think:

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Music Motivation: Build Your Solar Eclipse 2017 Playlist

On Monday, August 21st, a total solar eclipse will cross the United States. Trending as "Solar Eclipse 2017" across the internet, this event will be enjoyed by millions across the United States. Thousands of people will flock to the path of totality to enjoy the moon's total blackout, and countless more plan to appreciate the partial eclipse from their own homes, offices, or job sites. However, far fewer have their special eclipse music picked out to make the most of the moment, and that's where UDA is happy to help! We've selected a variety of songs for the occasion, and we encourage you to build your eclipse Spotify playlist with our picks below. You can also see our full playlist here

Topics: Music Motivation

Music Motivation: Stuck In the Office on a Rainy Day

Weather conditions disregarding your perfect schedule? Subcontractors calling it at the first sound of thunder? Make the best of your rain delays with this collection of soft, relaxing tunes from UDA!

Topics: Music Motivation

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