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UDA 2017: A Year in Review

As I reflect back upon 2017 at UDA Technologies, I have to say I am extremely proud of our team and what we have achieved through hard work and dedication. With over 500,000 clients in 75 countries managing $65 billion in projects, it’s been an impressive year of growth and I’m truly inspired to be a part of what lies ahead.

At UDA Technologies, we strive to break down barriers, empower growing companies, and provide innovative software solutions for all. We’re big dreamers, so of course, we started the year with lofty goals - Here’s a quick overview of some of our biggest accomplishments:

We developed new technology for Plan-Centric Project Management. RedLine Planroom, ConstructionOnline’s groundbreaking plan management & mark up tool, expanded project management capabilities in an innovative and incredibly responsive environment. Tying in all the Pro Features of ConstructionOnline and allowing for team collaboration, RedLine Planroom presented a new way to see the big picture of each project – and laid the foundation for exciting new developments in ConstructionOnline to come. 

We brought Real Estimating to the web. The introduction of Estimating to ConstructionOnline was a gamechanger for our clients – and we knew it would be. With Standard & 5 Column formats, ConstructionOnline Estimating offered full-featured job costing for clients outside of the office. The follow-up release of Socket, ConstructionOnline’s Desktop Assistant, opened the door for the integration with QuickBooks Desktop – the only two-way, comprehensive web-to-desktop integration of its kind in the industry.

We connected project teams through Enhanced Mobile Applications. The ConstructionOnline Unified Mobile Application provided a singular mobile app for all of your project management needs, allowing for the entire project team to have on-the-go access to project information. This mobile app included brand new mobile-only features, like Quick Chat & Time Tracking, making it even easier to stay up-to-date on your team’s day to day activities. Additionally, we revamped the Custom Branded Mobile Application to improve the team/owner mobile experience.

We improved the performance & stability of ConstructionOnline. I have to give a huge shout out to our ConstructionOnline Speed Team, who worked tirelessly this year to improve the performance of the ConstructionOnline system as a whole. With a quickly growing user base we transitioned the primary management of our servers to a much more scalable environment, giving us the ability to provide users faster, more responsive tools and a smoother overall experience in ConstructionOnline. The revamping of our back-end operations has laid a solid foundation for the front-end revamp users will soon be experiencing.

We created additional resources to support client success. In 2017, we saw the release of the ConstructionOnline Knowledge Base, our library of extensive how-to guides that now exceeds 500 topics – that’s more than one topic a day that’s been published for client reference. We also launched the UDA Blog about mid-way through the year, expanding our opportunities to connect with the industry in a more engaging environment. And, we added UDA News to the ConstructionOnline Newsfeed, providing a platform for sharing updates, events, and tips with clients in the most easily accessible manner.

Top Knowledge Base Articles:
Top Blog Articles:

We expanded our Global Presence. 2017 welcomed the release of ConstructionOnline China, an amazing expansion into a much-untapped market where we continue to see growth and success. We also took this opportunity to turn our focus to better servicing all of our international clients, and expanded the resources included within ConstructionOnline to serve over 120 additional countries, including the addition of new weather tracking stations, currencies types, holidays, and date formats.

We extended our Integration Capabilities and Partnerships. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive solutions for construction management, and creating systems that can serve as a central hub of data and information are key to that provision. Supporting integrations with other integral software providers in the industry is a matter of great importance to us, and this year we are proud to name many integration partners for ConstructionSuite & ConstructionOnline.

ConstructionOnline: QuickBooks, Google Calendar, Google Drive, OneDrive,
Outlook, Dropbox, & PlanSwift

ConstructionSuite: Stack, QB17, QB18, Google Calendar, Google Drive, OneDrive,
Dropbox, Envisioneer, PlanSwift

We upgraded time tested tools in OnCost Estimating to include even more options. For over a decade, ConstructionSuite has provided phenomenal estimating tools in OnCost Estimating. 2017 introduced additional capabilities expanding the flexibility of OnCost Estimating by including 5 Column Estimating and Estimating with Assemblies. ConstructionSuite has a long reputation as an industry-leader with tremendous QuickBooks Integration capabilities, which were enhanced to allow for Assembly Integration. PlanSwift Integration got an upgrade as well – the new PlanSwift plugin now provides a direct connection, making it easier than ever to link the tools that help you build a better business.

We delivered ConstructionSuite to the Cloud. What was once considered a challenging, time consuming, and expensive task – setting up a server installation of ConstructionSuite – has now been drastically minimized. Through our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), UDA is able to offer ConstructionSuite in the cloud – available from any region in the world, in minutes, at an incredibly affordable cost. AWS Servers are constantly monitored for optimal performance, meaning that speed and performance are not at all compromised with growing teams. UDA’s premium service manages all maintenance and updates for AWS installations of ConstructionSuite, making this a full-service enterprise solution for small to medium construction companies worldwide.

And that’s just the highlights!  Reviewing our accomplishments for this compilation only made me prouder to be a member of the UDA Technologies Team. I recall the conversations, the trials, the celebrations that made these big dreams a reality, and the common theme I can attest to in each discussion, each decision, each development is YOU – our clients, our advisers, our partners, the UDA Community. When we say “our goal is your success,” we mean it – and each step on the path to progress we’ve taken this year and in years prior is just one more way we are able to better support your growth. Thank you for being a part of our 2017 – we look forward to working together in 2018!

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